락킨코리아는 열정을 가지고 적극적으로 움직이는 스텝들과 아티스트들이 함께 만들어갑니다. 

WEBTOON[K-Webtoon RK] 피터판다 (PETER PANDA) - 나예리 (Na Yeri) Trailer Video

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[K-Webtoon RK] 피터판다 (PETER PANDA) - 

나예리 (Na Yeri) Trailer Video

고아원에서 자라 아르바이트를 하며 힘겹게 학교에 다니고 있지만, 항상 씩씩하고 밝은 17세 소녀 ‘루이’.

 마음의 상처를 받은 어느 날, 낙담한 가운데 누군가 버린 판다 인형을 주워온다. 그날 밤 그 인형은 괴상한 모습의 남자로 변하여 자신을 ‘피터’라고 소개하는데… 

‘루이’에게 운명의 상대를 찾아주겠다고 말한다. 

때마침 그들의 앞에 나타난 매력적인 세 미소년 ‘혜왕’, ‘자비’, ‘희수’. 비밀스런 상처를 가진 세 남자 중 과연 루이의 진정한 운명의 상대는 누구일까? 

“Louise” is a high school girl who grew up in an orphanage and worked hard with a part-time job, but she never loses her smile. In Louise's heart, memories of 10 years ago of the angelic man “Sang-woo” who made her feel warmth for the first time in her life were left. 

The moment she accidentally encounters him, Louise feels great shock and sadness from Sang-woo, who she recognized him at a glance but doesn't even remember her. 

On the day she picks up a panda stuffed animal that someone threw away while she is discouraged, the stuffed animal turns into a grotesque man who claims to be "Peter."

 Peter insists that he is the crystal of Louise's ideal and dreams, but in Louise's eyes, he is just a ghost possessed in a stuffed animal. 

“Peter” wants to find the destiny to “Louise”. And at the same time, charming little boys with secret wounds, “Hye-wang”, “Javi” and “Hee-soo”, appear in front of her. Louise's daily life, which she thought was living a normal life, begins to be twisted one by one because of them.

 Who is Louise's true destiny?

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